Black Veil Brides announce first ever Halloweekend, mark your calendars!

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Black Veil Brides are set to release their new album on October 28th, 2014 and right after get ready for some very special shows. Black Veil Brides have announced their first ever, Halloweekend. The event will take place on October 31st at The Marquee in Phoenix, Arizona and November 1st at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. There will be special guests that are yet to be announced and tickets will go on sale June 6th.


They will be announcing the special guests as well as limited VIP packages  in the coming weeks.  They have also announced several UK Tour dates and will continue announcing shows in support of their new album. Pre-Orders for the album will become available in July. So make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date!  We will be heading out to the Los Angeles show and hope you all join us…

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The Light Iris delivers essential metalcore to the DNA Lounge during set with Eyes Set to Kill

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It was only a couple weeks ago that we were out at the DNA Lounge covering the Eyes Set to Kill show. The night was filled with some great music. You can check out our articles on Eyes Set To Kill and Cilver.  We were excited to be treated to a San Francisco band and they really delivered Metalcore/Post Hardcore at it’s finest.  It was the first time I saw them but definitely not the last.

They are a young band from San Francisco formed back in 2009 and have a couple EPs out that should be required listening! Head over to Itunes and pick up Cities Built on Ruins of Regret  and The Damaged and The Saved.  These guys have a powerful stage presence and filled the room with their intense energy.  I really look forward to catching them again.

Check out the videos from Rockin Ryan, one a…

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Tonight Alive debut new song The Edge for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Tonight Alive debut their new song, The Edge which is set to be featured on the soundtrack for The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Rise of Electro which is set to open in the US on May 2nd. “The Edge” is available to pre-order now ahead of its global release on April 1st, which will coincide with the premiere of their music video. They have released a teaser video that you can check out here:

Tonight Alive will be performing their new song on their current tour with Taking Back Sunday and The Used. Tonight Alive explain their excitement for this new project, they prepare to be launched further into the international spotlight.  “The Edge” is a song we’re really proud of and as a band we are very flattered to be a part of such a huge legacy that is The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The…

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DELTA ROSE and their new album will take you on a WILD RIDE!

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delta rose
One of, if not our Number 1 favorite band, Delta Rose has been busy working on their new music and guess what? It is going to blow your mind!  I had a chance to take a listen and I am telling you, get ready, strap your boots on and hold on tight because these boys are going to rock your world.
They have a new 6 song EP that they are finishing up and it is stellar, from start to finish. In a time when the lines of rock and roll have been blurred by genres, cores, subcores, crossovers, and so much more, Delta Rose answers my need for true rock and roll. Their rock and roll is infused with blues and groove that there is no way, you can listen to them and stand still. You just have to get up on your foot and move. This album shows…

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Lily Elise surprise show blows away Molly Malone’s Saturday night. By Patrick O’Heffernan

I love this girl !

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Lily Elise surprise show  blows away Molly Malone’s Saturday night.

Patrick O’Heffernan, Host of Music Friday Live!


Patrons at Molly Malone’s Saturday night got a nice bonus, thanks to a cancellation and some rescheduling: the nationally recognized R&B singer Lily Elise rocked them out at the coveted 10:45 pm slot.  Lily Elise, best known for being coached by pop icon Christina Aguilera on NBC’s The Voice, is a powerful R&B vocalist who can hit the high notes with ease and belt the blues with best of the blues queens of any era. And she did both to the delight of a house full of dancing fans.

Lily Elise got things going right off the bat with “Dance with Somebody”,  the George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam song made famous by Whiney Houston on her first album.  She carried it off with her own high energy style that got everyone moving and…

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Review of Maggie’s Tidal Waves and Hurricanes by Patrick O’Heffernan

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Review of Tidal Waves and Hurricanes by Maggie

Patrick O’Heffernan – Host, Music FridayLive!

I don’t usually review singles, but once in while something comes along that deserves a second listen and a thoughtful review.  This time it’s the song, “Tidal Waves and Hurricanes”  by the LA-based Canadian singer/songwriter, Maggie.

Maggie and “Tidal Waves and Hurricanes”  are a phenomenon, there is no other way to put it.

First, the song.  Maggie is releasing it tonight, Feb. 7, 2014, at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles, along with a video.  The show starts at 9 pm and should be a barn-burner.  The music is infectious – perfectly crafted to stimulate all those parts of your brain that respond to sound and pleasure.  With a hypnotic, but not overpowering, drumbeat, and all of the hooks and guitar and keyboard details  and overdubs of world-class pop,  “Tidal Waves and Hurricanes”  pulls you…

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Check out our chat with the rockin girls of Bloody Mary at NAMM 2014!

Bloody Mary !

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One thing that I really love about attending NAMM is finding a lot of great new bands. One of those bands we found this year was Bloody Mary from Chicago. This is an all girl teenage rock band that has a big sound filled with lots of talent. It is amazing to hear them and then find out they are young teens. They have a solid sound that will definitely impress you! They have been rockin the Chicago scene but are also garnering National attention with their high energy performances.

So who is Bloody Mary? You have Ana Apollo on Lead Guitar/Vocals, Kat Cannons on Drums/Vocals, Rickee Divine on Guitar/Vocals and Hollie Wood on Bass/Vocals. Together these guys deliver true rock n roll sound reminiscent of the Runaways or todays’ Cheri Bomb.  One of the songs I really love of theirs is Where Do We Go and you can head over to their

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The Killing Lights release new song, Waste My Time

Rock’N’Roll !

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It is time to hear some new music by The Killing Lights. As we told you last year, The Killing Lights is the new chapter for music by Michael Vampire. Today they released a new song, Waste My Time that is definitely a change from their Vampires Everywhere days.  It has a great rockin sound with cool chants, powerful guitars, steady rocking drums and deep yet thundering bass.

Check out the new song, Waste My Time here:


The song definitely has us highly anticipating their new album. The Killing Lights are currently set to start their UK tour tomorrow in support of The Defiled. We also ran into DJ Black and Frankie Sil at NAMM 2014. Here is a couple photos from Rockin Ryan you:

We will continue to keep updated on future The Killing Lights news but also make sure and follow/like them on their social media…

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Interview with Farewell My Love at NAMM 2014

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Untitled 4

NAMM 2014 was filled with so many talented musicians and each day we ran into so many great bands. We were excited to catch up and interview one of my favorite bands, Farewell My Love.  This is one band that not only do they kick ass rockin but are some of the most nicest people in the industry today.  We were hanging around and ran into three of the members, Ryan Howell,  Röbby Creasey and Logan Thayer.

You can check out the full video here:


Farewell, My Love released their debut album, « Gold Tattoos » and is a MUST HAVE album. Two of my personal favorites on the album are Mirror, Mirror and Afraid of the Dark.  Check out their music video for Mirror, Mirror here:


Make sure to head over to Itunes here and pick up your copy of « Gold Tattoos »  They have also announced tour dates set…

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